Surrounded by mountains in Hakone-Yumoto area.

 No amusements such as Karaoke,bar things.

 But we have beautiful nature. We have beautiful views with mountain
 and river.So, here you can feel the peace of mind.

 All you have to do is just forget the time and relax yourself
 with our nature.

 Our ryokan will give you such luxury.

 Now, why don't we leave ourselves that are hustle and bustle in our
 dairy lives and enjoy our ryokan times?

 From all menbers of Hoeiso.


Our main food "pheasant meat" is a high protein, low-calorie, low-fat meat and richer in amino acid than chicken meat, which is even easy on the body.
It's juicy and has good taste, even though refreshing. But, take care not to burn the meat! Or, it will get tough.

A pheasant meat grilled on the hot tile / pheasant raw meat sashimi / grilled rice ball with pheasant dashi stock.
A pheasant meat itself brings about the traditional Japanese Washoku cuisine. Because the pheasant meat has tradition that is used to be served as an Imperial court cuisine.
If you would like upgraded meals, we recommend pheasant Onabe (large hot pot meal) which has good taste dashi stock. A Zousui (rice with eggs in a thick broth)
made with the remains of your large hot pot is exceptionally tasty. 2,160 JPY required per person as opptional charge.
We can provide seafood meals for those don't have any meat.
We serve alternative meals for vegitarians as possible as we can. However, we can't prepare alternative ones depending on guests' request.


Our open-air bath is right middle in the nature beside a clear stream and surrounded by mountains in Hakone-Yumoto area.
Beautiful mountain views in four seasons, birds drop by our garden in the peaceful morning.
You can enjoy the open-air onsen in the garden while listening to sound of the Sukumogawa-stream in front of you. The quality of hot spring is alkaline, which is good for your skin and one of the best in Hakone area.

Our onsen are always filled up with fresh onsen water running straight from the spring and we discharge extra one into the river (non-cyclic). To preserve the nature environment, we don't have shower, soap etc. at the open-air onsen. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.
We hope you have brilliant and relaxing onsen experience with the stunning scenery.

A room of this Zhuang having a fragrance feeling nostalgic for slightly. It wants to be an inn calming a heart for the sense that I return to the country and classify into a breath relievedly.

The guest room can command a whole view of the ravine which Mt. Yusaka spreads through the out of the window of the room by a continuance between all rooms 2, and Sukumogawa flows through. I can taste the luxury that nothing does in Nature in Hakoneyumoto.

A main building guest room
Check-in: 15:00 check-out: 11:00  18 rooms where are different made are the layouts that each is individual, and all the windows turn to the garden, and a view improves very much one by one. I have you take a meal leisurely in the large room of two ken of continuances and prepare for various things such as stage chair or Bet by hope
Wi Fi is usable in a room

 Phone Number +81-460-85-5763 /
 Fax Number +81-460-85-6760
 Check-In Time 15:00
 Check-Out Time 11:00
 Parking 12 CARS / FREE
 Credit Cards American Express Diner's Club JCB Master Card VISA
  Wi Fi  It is available in a room and a lobby

Access guide


 Sightseeing Tours by Professional Local Guides

 Explore Hakone specializes not only in package tours,

 but also private and

 personalized tours that give you a once in a lifetime
 travel experience.

 [From Hakoneyumoto stn]
 please take taxi(abt.1,000yen), or bus(①or②).
 ①going round bus--"B"Course, Soundori (100yen),leaving at15 and 45 every hour From Hakoneyumoto
 stn.,. 18:45 bus is the last one. You will be at Hoeiso in 10 minutes.

 ②local bus(Hakone Tozan Bus )
 From Hakoneyumoto stn., Hakone Tozan Bus starts from bus-stop No.4.
 Then please take off at Kuzuhara bus-stop.
 It takes 10 min.Our hotel is in front of Kuzuhara bus-stop.
 If you have Hakone-Freepass-tickets,you would take this bus for free.


 ■Hakoneyumoto stn bus stop guide

 [By Car]
 From Tokyo : Get down Tomei Expressway Atsugi Interchange and then take Odawara-Atsugi Expressway,
 enter Route 1 from Hakone Exit.
 From Gotemba:To Miyanoshita on Route 138, enter Route 1 from Miyanoshita and then to Hakone-Yumoto.






Phone+81-460-85-5763 Fax+81-460-85-6760【MAIL】